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The terms of service agreement provides the terms and conditions which you will accept to have access to our products and services (private tutoring, live broadcasts, homework and thesis help and so forth). Please read Terms and Conditions carefully as they provide important information about the distribution of legal rights between you and By approving the terms and conditions you acknowledge that you read, understood and agree to be bounded by the terms and conditions stated below. If there is any subject that you don’t agree, please do not use any service provided by and do not access the website.



By creating a user account, you accept that you are a member of the website. It continues until you cancel your membership. Unipropass does not provide any free trials service. On the other hand, we sometimes provide campaigns or special discounts on some services. We, Unipropass, reserve the right to change the price of the service. Your membership will start when you pay for the corresponding membership plan. Whenever you are out of tokens in your account, your plan will automatically renew. You need to cancel your subscription plan before you are out of your tokens. All fees are paid in United States dollars. Unipropass reserves the right to change the time of our billing, the billing process may vary between 1 to 7 days. For example, you start your membership on 30th of March, you start to use the services beginning that date. However, we may send your invoice to you on 6th April. By starting a membership you give us authorization to charge you monthly/yearly membership fee which depends on the plan you start. You accept that the amount that we bill may change depending on promotional offers or changing the plan you have subscribed. You authorize us to charge your payment for varying amounts. We reserve the right to adjust our prices in any time of the service. When your Renewal Date arrives, we have the right to charge you by the new price of the current plan that you already subscribe without providing any prior notification to you from us. We may provide a promotion or a coupon code that provides a discount. These applications are only done in our website. No refunds will be given in any circumstances, we, Unipropass does not provide any refunds to you. However, we may provide additional tokens to your account in some circumstances, which will be decided by our management. The right of providing additional tokens in special circumstances are reserved by our website and you accept that our management has the right to decide what action to take without any binding responsibilities. We DO NOT provide any refunds for the unused memberships or unused tokens.



We offer problem solving (homework help) in all areas that are provided on “Courses” section. If a particular lesson is not on that list, we are not obliged to provide homework help for the particular course. We and our instructors have the right the change the date of any private tutoring or live broadcasts. No one can be held responsible for changing the dates. In the questions and answers section of all courses, we DO NOT guarantee all answers are right. For some questions and answers there might be some mistakes. The same criteria applies with the private tutoring and homework help sections. There might be some mistakes on homework help and private tutoring. You acknowledge that you are aware of this that neither we nor our instructors of any course will be responsible in potential mistakes on online tutoring, homework help and questions-answers section in our website. We do not guarantee any improvements of any academic credit. You acknowledge and agree that Unipropass and its instructors are not responsible from any grades that you take from your courses,exams, homeworks, thesis and all other academic means. Furthermore, Unipropass takes no responsibility for your performance on any exam (thesis) and any exam fees that you pay is only your responsibility.



You understand that we can not guarantee or warrant any files that are available for downloading from our website. You are responsible for taking necessary precautions and Unipropass can not be held responsible for any damages that you have in your computer. Any data loss in your computer is your responsibility and you understand and agree that any content downloaded from is at your own risk.






You may request to be cancelled at any time during your use of Services. After the cancellation of your subscription you will no longer have access to Unipropass content and services. All fees and charges are non-refundable, even after cancellation. The cancellation of subscription can be done from your profile section, accessible by logging in.

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